Gitanjali Fine Art Academy


To provide candidates of any age, gender, Cultural and Economic background a equal platform to develop their skills and prove themselves.


Gitanjali is a organisation developed to support our candidates achieve their Dreams, aspirations and ambition.

We at Gitanjali have created a special Program called 'Buddha's Awakening', carefully designed to Arm our Students with the required Skill Set to achieve success and satisfaction in their chosen field of work.

The program we created is based upon a proven methodology. Our team of teachers are trained to conduct classes of a certain caliber that matches professional institutions. And all round development of the student is ensured.

About Us

We at Gitanjali believe that everyone's unique and we have been created with different capabilities. Teaching every student the same way is not practical as it would not lead to all round development. An expert creates a new course structure for each student who enrolls in our program giving them the individual care, something most institutes don't provide. The syllabus that each student masters is the same but the method used to approach a subject and teach each student is different. This program facilitates a student teacher interaction like no other. Our teachers know the student's understanding capacities, knowledge and subject interest. This way a teacher can develop a teaching method for maximum results.

Our Activities

Specialize Programs we offer:

Arts Stream
Other Subdivision

Arts Stream

* Oil Pastel colors

* Water Color

* Pencil Sketches

* Poster Color Paintings

* Pencil Shading - Color Pencil

* Pencil Shading - Sketch Pen

* Glass Painting

* Craft - Dry Leaf & Flowers

* Craft - Papers

* Craft - Wood - Skin, Plaster of paris


* Indian Dance

* Classical Dance

* Aerobatics Dance

* Flock Dance

* Western Dance

* Pop Dance

* Swag - Dance

Other Subdivision

* Music

* Language

* Yoga

* Cooking Classes

* Dress Designing

* Internal & Party Decorations

Study Materials & Books

Books from publications of the highest standards are used by our teachers as reference materials. Our published books have been created with the younger generation in mind. They are highly informative and have a knowledge based application. Most materials have been developed by our faculty members who are experts in the field and highly trained professionals with years of experience. Complex theories have been explained using simple and easily understandable terms. The main motive of theoretical teaching is to implant the knowledge of complex method that are required to perfect ones skills. Most of our theoretical classes is a walk through history which teaches students to be creative, think out of the box and apply lateral thinking.

Examination Structure

Gitanjali conducts exams periodically, students are tested on their Practical skills and Theoretical understanding. They will be judged based on their knowledge in the subject. Oral, Written and practical exams are used to attain an impartial judgement.

The examination are Structured as follows.

    Exam Day 1
  • Morning - Theoretical paper
  • Afternoon - Oral Exam

    Exam Day 2
  • Morning - Practical Exam
  • Afternoon - Review Session

The results of these exams play a crucial role in their future carrier choices. Students are graded based on their exam performance.

There are four main Grades Namely

O = Outstanding
E = Exceeds Expectations
A = Acceptable
P = Poor
These grades are a direct reflection of a students performance.

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